Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Priapism

(4:20:09pm) TheGuy: I need some head. You game?

(4:20:26pm) TheGirl: what is with you?

(4:20:33pm) TheGuy: well, my penis is engorged.

(4:20:42pm) TheGirl: that's great

(4:20:51pm) TheGuy: not really. I feel like Priapus.

(4:20:56pm) TheGirl: i hope for your sake your account was hacked by your girlfriend

(4:21:05pm) TheGuy: that's sort of true actually.

(4:21:14pm) TheGirl: great!

(4:21:26pm) TheGuy: yeah. so where do you want to meet up?

(4:21:41pm) TheGirl: in getalife land a day after never

(4:21:55pm) TheGuy: ok i'm on mission and 3rd. can you give me directions?

(4:22:18pm) TheGirl: you can't look at directions with your head up your ass

(4:22:19pm) TheGuy: wait. is your name 'diana'?

(4:22:25pm) TheGuy: as in 'dirty diana'?

(4:22:28pm) TheGirl: say hi to the girlfriend for me

(4:22:50pm) TheGuy: you can bring a vibrator for yourself.

(4:23:04pm) TheGirl: bring your own for yourself

(4:23:13pm) TheGuy: it doesnt work on me really.

(4:23:18pm) TheGirl: enjoy the silence

(4:23:21pm) TheGuy: i put one up my butt once but it hurt mostly, and then it got lost.