Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Lost!

(5:14:15pm) TheGuy: i have amnesia and can't remember how to get home. can you help me?

(5:51:36pm) TheGirl: wha?

(5:51:52pm) TheGuy: i'm lost and i forget who i am.

(5:51:54pm) TheGuy: i need help.

(5:52:34pm) TheGirl: Well obviously you are somewhere with internet access.

(5:53:00pm) TheGuy: yes but where?

(5:53:12pm) TheGuy: i'm in a white room. there is a wood door and i have a desk.

(5:53:12pm) TheGirl: Congrats this is probably the weirdest thing anyone has ever written me on OKC.

(5:54:02pm) TheGuy: i do have a telephone.

(5:54:11pm) TheGirl: Good job.

(5:54:15pm) TheGuy: i'm sort of scared to use it though because i dont know any numbers. can i call you?

(5:54:27pm) TheGirl: Absolutely not.

(5:54:46pm) TheGuy: i dont get it.

(5:54:51pm) TheGuy: i need your help TheGirl

(5:55:32pm) TheGuy: here. do this for me. which way is north.

(5:56:21pm) TheGirl: Wow you are totally blowing my mind man.

(5:56:32pm) TheGuy: you think your mind is blown.

(5:56:36pm) TheGuy: i just appeared here.

(5:57:23pm) TheGuy: and, actually,

(5:57:31pm) TheGuy: i keep having to read what you write because i forget what you wrote.

(5:57:35pm) TheGuy: i think i have rolling amnesia.

(5:58:59pm) TheGuy: TheGirl - can you show up here and guide me somewhere?

(5:59:14pm) TheGirl: Wow it sounds like you "have" both anterograde and retrograde amnesia- what are the chances?

(5:59:50pm) TheGirl: How could I show up if you don't know where you are? Think about it.

(5:59:56pm) TheGuy: yes. yes. i looked that up on wikipedia.

(6:00:01pm) TheGuy: well here. i have a cellphone that has "GPS" on it.

(6:00:13pm) TheGirl: There you go! Problem solved.

(6:00:54pm) TheGuy: ok but it says i didnt pay for it.

(6:00:59pm) TheGuy: it has a way to pay. can you pay for me?

(6:01:12pm) TheGirl: Bummer. It seems you are out of luck.

(6:01:20pm) TheGirl: No I only make a teacher's salary.

(6:02:05pm) TheGuy: it's only $100

(6:02:13pm) TheGuy: $50 if you're nasty.