Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dating Is Hard

(9:09:49pm) TheGuy: wow

(9:10:05pm) TheGirl: wow what?!?!

(9:10:08pm) TheGirl: you got me excited

(9:10:09pm) TheGirl: :)

(9:10:11pm) TheGuy: yeah totally

(9:10:42pm) TheGuy: you must be in a relationship right?

(9:11:03pm) TheGirl: if i was in a relationship i wouldn't be on here, right?

(9:11:08pm) TheGuy: you never know

(9:11:24pm) TheGirl: nah - just got out of a mini-one

(9:11:24pm) TheGirl: :)

(9:11:29pm) TheGuy: why mini?

(9:11:38pm) TheGirl: not long term - it was only a few months

(9:11:50pm) TheGirl: what about you?

(9:23:56pm) TheGuy: not much

(9:24:04pm) TheGuy: i only date women who are into anal sex

(9:24:07pm) TheGuy: which makes it hard