Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sing Into My Purple Mic

(6:11:48pm) TheGuy: have you ever sung using a purple microphone?

(6:12:15pm) TheGirl: What do you mean?

(6:12:23pm) TheGuy: a microphone colored purple.

(6:12:33pm) TheGirl: no.

(6:13:12pm) TheGuy: huh.

(6:13:19pm) TheGuy: i thought most singers used a purple mike at some point.

(6:13:31pm) TheGirl: No, I have not sung into a purple mic

(6:13:49pm) TheGirl: I have never heard that

(6:13:54pm) TheGuy: look it up.

(6:13:57pm) TheGuy: it's sort of a tradition.

(6:13:58pm) TheGirl: interesting though

(6:14:33pm) TheGuy: the thing that's weird about purple mics is they don't really amplify like most mics.

(6:14:47pm) TheGuy: purple mics basically take your energy and redirect it through another person.

(6:15:55pm) TheGuy: let me find a link.

(6:16:32pm) TheGirl: cool!

(6:17:43pm) TheGuy: here.

(6:17:44pm) TheGuy: http://tinyurl.com/3acsuro

(6:17:46pm) TheGuy: what do you think!?

(6:18:54pm) TheGirl: You are crazy!

(6:19:03pm) TheGuy: i am?!

(6:19:08pm) TheGuy: wait did i send you the wrong lijnk?

(6:19:09pm) TheGuy: oh crap

(6:19:12pm) TheGuy: was that lucky pierre?

(6:20:12pm) TheGuy: darn i'm sorry. sometimes i watch those vids to get inspiration.