Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr. Small Penis

(9:37:10pm) TheGuy: i cant feel my testicles!

(9:37:29pm) TheGirl: ummm thats terrible

(9:37:36pm) TheGuy: it's fucking awful!

(9:37:49pm) TheGirl: See a doc dude

(9:37:55pm) TheGuy: a fat girl sat on them.

(9:38:29pm) TheGirl: avoid that in the future then, if it is not too late

(9:39:03pm) TheGuy: well, i'm sort of scared of gangrene.

(9:39:10pm) TheGuy: i ... i dont know what to do.

(9:39:37pm) TheGirl: cut em off, you dont need them anyway

(9:39:58pm) TheGuy: i know right? the only thing i use them for is to make milkshakes for myself.

(9:40:15pm) TheGirl: for yourseld, sad, sad indeed

(9:40:30pm) TheGuy: well, look at me. i'm a total loser!

(9:40:57pm) TheGirl: and bored to tears

(9:41:41pm) TheGuy: i'm gonna get an iphone tattooed on my leg.

(9:42:08pm) TheGirl: Wow, original...for the moment

(9:42:28pm) TheGirl: soon everyone will have one

(9:42:35pm) TheGuy: they burn.

(9:43:04pm) TheGirl: i have one of those cell phones that come in a bag tattooed on my leg

(9:43:08pm) TheGuy: my iphone shoots lasers into my eyes and reads my thoughts.

(9:43:12pm) TheGirl: it's like 20 years old

(9:43:18pm) TheGirl: I should of held out

(9:44:28pm) TheGuy: i wear glasses with foil inserts to protect my eyes. i'm like some kind of magic cyclops.

(9:44:59pm) TheGuy: i had an mp3 branded on my left leg.

(9:45:05pm) TheGirl: Try pop cans or duct tape

(9:45:25pm) TheGuy: james said "oh how stupid is that" and i agreed but the deed was done. and now this facesitting episode gone awry.

(9:45:38pm) TheGuy: she literally fell from my face all the way to my nutz

(9:45:42pm) TheGuy: she burst the left one.

(9:46:13pm) TheGirl: well what did you expect , it happens all the time. Just yesterday for me

(9:46:19pm) TheGuy: you facesit guys?

(9:46:26pm) TheGuy: tell me more!

(9:46:45pm) TheGirl: sure and pop there sacs by slipping...idk why it's weird

(9:47:06pm) TheGirl: u b crazy

(9:47:36pm) TheGuy: yeah

(9:47:42pm) TheGirl: LOL

(9:47:45pm) TheGuy: thanks for letting me grief you.

(9:47:54pm) TheGuy: would you like to have cybersex now?

(9:47:56pm) TheGuy: i have a condom here.

(9:48:08pm) TheGirl: How big is it?

(9:48:46pm) TheGuy: normal sized

(9:49:02pm) TheGirl: eh

(9:49:12pm) TheGuy: normal meaning 8.5 inches or so.

(9:49:33pm) TheGirl: of course. na i dont go for average

(9:50:04pm) TheGuy: wait. you like big cocks?

(9:50:16pm) TheGirl: LOl noooooo tiny ones

(9:50:22pm) TheGuy: whoa

(9:50:26pm) TheGuy: that's so unusual but very cool.

(9:50:27pm) TheGirl: LMAO

(9:51:01pm) TheGuy: ok so you're joking?

(9:51:23pm) TheGirl: No no the smaller the better

(9:51:35pm) TheGuy: oh so you're a lesbian?

(9:51:59pm) TheGirl: What ? wait??? Is that what that means?? I am so confused.

(9:52:15pm) TheGuy: you like dudes with tiny penises?

(9:52:35pm) TheGirl: sure why not

(9:53:06pm) TheGuy: yeah. i think that's great. my penis is so fun. i rub it and then i get these sensations and then this stuff comes out.

(9:53:08pm) TheGuy: i use it as icing.

(9:53:35pm) TheGuy: on, like, cupcakes and doughnuts

(9:53:46pm) TheGirl: thats great....was fun. signing off now

(9:53:53pm) TheGuy: penis!

(9:54:11pm) TheGirl: avoid those testi busters