Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hammer, Please

(2:21:17pm) TheGuy: you're ugly.

(2:21:30pm) TheGirl: I guess you like ugly

(2:21:39pm) TheGuy: it's a gangsta term

(2:21:41pm) TheGuy: like "you're badass"

(2:21:42pm) TheGirl: since you pinged me

(2:22:16pm) TheGirl: So what is you're a dick slang for?

(2:22:27pm) TheGuy: you really want to know?

(2:22:41pm) TheGirl: not really

(2:22:46pm) TheGuy: i'll tell you anyway.

(2:23:04pm) TheGuy: it's slang for: "the only thing i'm good for is having my teeth smashed out with a hammer and used as an oral fuckbox"

(2:24:51pm) TheGirl: how charming

(2:25:13pm) TheGuy: i thought so.

(2:25:16pm) TheGuy: what kind of hammer do you like?

(2:26:09pm) TheGirl: I don't think this will work ot

(2:26:10pm) TheGirl: out

(2:26:15pm) TheGuy: "this"?

(2:26:25pm) TheGuy: our relationship, as things stand, consists of me telling you that you're an ugly whore.

(2:26:30pm) TheGuy: so, i think it's working great!

(2:29:06pm) TheGuy: would you eat my poop?

(2:29:11pm) TheGuy: if i left it out for you in a paper sack?

(2:30:32pm) TheGirl: your the reason girls don't like joining sites like these

(2:30:56pm) TheGuy: if you saw how big my penis is -- how much pleasure it brings when women get to put it in their throat -- you'd take that back.