Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Quick Finisher

(5:49:06pm) TheGuy: Do you ride the ferry a lot or something?

(5:49:39pm) TheGirl: sometymes

(5:49:58pm) TheGuy: i like the ferry because of the pretty water it runs on.

(5:51:01pm) TheGirl: i know

(5:51:06pm) TheGirl: me 2

(5:51:12pm) TheGirl: but now its so cold

(5:51:19pm) TheGuy: i like to watch the sky and sometimes there is a bird in it and then it leaves and is gone.

(5:53:07pm) TheGirl: hmm yeah

(5:54:55pm) TheGuy: and then, once, i was watching and the sun was shining and i looked back and then there was a cloud in front of it. which was weird because the cloud was not there before.

(5:55:41pm) TheGirl: weird

(5:55:58pm) TheGuy: then, one time i was trying to read a book (i don't read very well) and i almost fell in the water.

(5:57:19pm) TheGuy: do you ever pee off the boat when you are on the ferry? i like it.

(5:57:58pm) TheGirl: noo

(5:58:11pm) TheGuy: i guess it might be hard for a girl. you guys dont have penises right?

(5:58:33pm) TheGirl: haha

(5:58:37pm) TheGirl: noo

(5:59:01pm) TheGuy: i have a penis.

(5:59:14pm) TheGuy: i place it in my hand sometimes. i cannot touch it to my shoulder, however.

(5:59:26pm) TheGirl: lol

(6:00:35pm) TheGuy: are you interested in copulating with me?

(6:01:05pm) TheGirl: copulating?

(6:01:09pm) TheGuy: yeah.

(6:01:14pm) TheGuy: you can say no if you want.

(6:01:21pm) TheGirl: what that means?

(6:01:36pm) TheGuy: it means i place my penis inside your body and pleasure myself.

(6:01:50pm) TheGuy: i mean really, how can you not know what that means

(6:02:08pm) TheGuy: how do you use a computer?

(6:02:31pm) TheGirl: well i dont know

(6:02:44pm) TheGirl: ohhhh

(6:02:49pm) TheGirl: no thans

(6:02:52pm) TheGirl: thanks

(6:03:20pm) TheGuy: that's too bad. i have a reputation for finishing very quickly and the woman doesnt even barely notice.

(6:03:50pm) TheGirl: 2 bad

(6:04:15pm) TheGuy: well, it might be ok for you though. since i'll just give you a couple minutes of pleasure.