Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ouch, My Box!

(6:12:40pm) TheGuy: hey - what does it mean if a lady asks me to "stop punching me in the box."

(6:12:40pm) TheGirl: i'm still at work, at quite busy... multitasking. just saw your note

(6:12:40pm) TheGuy: ?

(6:12:51pm) TheGirl: um...

(6:12:58pm) TheGirl: it depends on context

(6:13:03pm) TheGuy: let's say she's sort of mad.

(6:13:16pm) TheGirl: why is she mad at you?

(6:13:32pm) TheGuy: she had a box of chocolates and i was slapping it.

(6:13:53pm) TheGirl: huh?

(6:14:16pm TheGuy: i guess the question is, do ladies use the word "box" in more ways than men?